Sa4i Pledge

Be a Defender not a Bystander (3)

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Our Pledge 4 Inclusion

We believe that:

  1. every student, no matter their colour, race, gender, religion, cultural background or disability, has the human right to feel welcome, safe and included in our regular schools and regular classrooms;
  2. supporting other students to learn and participate in our regular schools, classrooms and school activities is a privilege and duty of every student;
  3. violence, bullying and harassment of a student by anyone (other students, parents, teachers, teaching assistants, even principals) is abuse and a breach of their human rights; and
  4. doing nothing about the abuse or exclusion of another student is not an option – because walking by or turning our back allows that abuse or exclusion to continue.

We will:

  1. support our fellow students to feel welcome, safe and included; and
  2. never walk by or turn our backs to the abuse or exclusion of our fellow students.

Because when we lift each other up, we all get stronger.

We are Human Right Defenders.

Download Our Pledge 4 Inclusion in printable PDF here!

We invite school students to take the Sa4i Pledge by sending us your details on the form below. Please include the words “I take the Sa4i Pledge for inclusion” in the “comments” section and we will add your name to this page.  If you are not comfortable providing your full details, just tell us your first name, age and your State or Territory, or Country if you are from outside Australia.

You can also email us directly on to find out other ways in which you can be part of the Sa4i movement for inclusion in our schools!


Thank You 4 Your Pledge!

Be a Defender not a Bystander (2)


Jenny Casamento, 15 years old, Victoria, Australia

Samantha Liddelow, 11 years old, Western Australia

Bobby Lucas, 11 years old, Ohio, USA

Jason Lucas, 17 years old, Ohio, USA

Nicole Lucas, 10 years old, Ohio, USA

Lachlan, 11 years old, Australia

Laura Panetta, 11 years old, Western Australia


Heather Augustine, 34, Cameron, NC USA

Amber Cabban, 23 years old, South Australia

Catia Malaquias, Western Australia

Sam Panetta, 46 years old, Western Australia

Sean Rapley, 48 years old, New South Wales

Vilette, 45 years old, South Australia

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